Beach Treasure

The sun is shining, the sea glitters silver-gold and the waves gently caress your feet… If you find a piece of beach glass during such a walk on the beach, it is a very special day.
But only in the rarest cases is this piece really beautifully polished and has a special colour.
With a lot of luck, you can find an extremely rare piece of blue beach glass. But since we find this colour incomparably beautiful and we would like to make high-quality and special jewellery from it more often, we had to think of something to be able to realise this for you.
After some extensive experimentation, we’ve found a way to make pieces of glass for you from broken bottles that look like the most beautiful beach glass ever. It’s the same process as at the seaside, but it doesn’t take 10 years…

… it is Like Beach Glass and each piece is absolutely unique in terms of its shape!

The ‘Beach Treasure’ collection contains rings, stud earrings and pendants with anchor chains or rubber chain (each in three lengths). Since every beach glass is unique, every piece of jewellery looks a little different. What they have in common is the high quality workmanship with 925 sterling silver.

Beach Treasure pendants

Another special feature of the pendants is the very high quality suspension.

Beach Treasure rings

Beach Treasure stud earrings