Beach Treasure

Each piece of beach glass is unique: broken glass shaped by sea and sand, as you can find with a bit of luck when walking on the beach. Deep blue and translucent, changeable with the light. As if by chance a small shell, sometimes a silver barnacle, has settled on it. Each piece in our collection Beach Treasure is unique and evokes different associations, depending on your perspective. What do you see in the shapes?

The ‘Beach Treasure’ collection contains rings, stud earrings and pendants with anchor chains or rubber chain (each in three lengths). Since every beach glass is unique, every piece of jewellery looks a little different. What they have in common is the high quality workmanship with 925 sterling silver.

Beach Treasure pendants

Fin, bird’s head or mouse – what do you see in the shape? Let your imagination run wild …

Beach Treasure rings

Beach Treasure stud earrings