Noordleev pearl jewellery

Love for Pearls

Jewellery is always a suitable gift to express appreciation to a loved one. But one material is particularly suitable for this: the pearl, always and in many cultures a symbol of love.

Whether natural or cultured pearl: every pearl grows inside a shell over years. With cultured pearls, this only happens through human intervention. Thus, the pearl is a natural product that – unlike gemstones – already attains perfect beauty and perfection without processing. In addition, no two pearls are exactly alike, which means they are also unique.

Time and patience, beauty and uniqueness: these are also ingredients and expressions of a deeply felt love. Whether you want to give someone a proof of love or adorn yourself with the symbol of love, pearls are always a good idea!

Akoya pearls are grown in salt water and come from Japan. The particularly shiny lustre, the uniformly round shape and the mostly white colour have shaped our idea of the classic pearl. We use a precious white Akoya pearl of quality A for the heart bracelet.

Freshwater cultured pearls come in many shapes and also different delicate shades. The rounder and purer the colour of the pearl, the more valuable it is. Our freshwater cultured pearls meet this high quality. You will find them in our beaded earrings and macramé bracelets.

Mother-of-pearl coats the inside of the shells and can have different colours depending on the type of shell. Depending on the incidence of light, it creates a matt, iridescent sheen that is lively and fascinating. Our elegant mother-of-pearl earrings are available with short and long pendants made from this beguiling material.