Music for seafarers and seawomen

A busy year 2020 comes to an end today and makes way for new adventures, experiences and hopes. We have put together an atmospheric playlist for you on Spotify so that you have a good slide into the New Year.

‘When the winds of change blow, some seek shelter in the harbor while others set sail!’

unknown author

We felt a bit like seafarers on the great sailing ships of past centuries when we set sail with our company, a manufacturer of maritime jewellery. Endless horizon around us and sometimes mirror-smooth sea, sometimes storm-lashed sea of waves. For many, 2020 was a year of great uncertainty, but for us it was always: onward into the unknown, with hurray-ah, with a heave-ho and pull, pull!

Finally in autumn: land in sight! With the first three collections and a few more pieces of jewellery, we were able to go online in mid-November. Like a treasure chest, our online shop for maritime jewellery now makes hearts beat faster. Here you will find gold and silver, shimmering pearls and sparkling diamonds, lovingly designed and carefully forged by master craftsmen. Jewellery with the sea in mind, inspired by mud flats and dikes, beaches and dunes, the North and Baltic Seas. In keeping with our brand name NOORDLEEV – out of love for the north.

The shanties, seafaring songs and more of our Spotify playlist served us in a good tradition as a drive at work and to satisfy our sea addiction. Now we want to share it with you, for cozy evenings in front of the fireplace. Use it as background music for glorious stories from the past year and chants to celebrate the new!

Have a good New Year!
Julien and Martina

Photo credit: Post cover photo by Joel Bangs on Unsplash