Aquamarine Necklace With Flint Stones And Silver Elements


Light blue aquamarine necklace with black to dark grey flint stones and 925 sterling silver elements.

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Absolutely unique and one-off! Graceful multi-natural coloured aquamarine necklace with 9 small black to dark grey flint stones and 7 shiny silver elements. The faceted rondel cut of the gemstones, the highly polished flint stones and the silver accents create a lively play of light reflections with every movement.

Aquamarine literally means “water of the sea” and its transparent bluish colour is also reminiscent of the sea. These delicate gemstones become an ode to the Baltic Sea in contrast with the dark flint stones. The flint stones come from the Flensburg Fjord and are sieved, sorted, polished and highly polished by us in an elaborate process. Only in this way do they unfold their multifaceted beauty, which can hardly be imagined when they lie in their natural state at the beach.

Total length of the chain: 45 cm.

We deliver your piece of jewellery in a luxurious jewellery box. We cushion each item sustainably and avoiding plastic with dried seaweed from the Baltic Sea.