Tides & Seashells Stud Earrings · 24ct Gold Plate with Diamonds


Pair of stud earrings from the collection Tides & Seashells in 24ct gold plated 925 sterling silver with high-quality diamonds.

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The stud earrings from the collection Tides & Seashells are inspired by a walk in the Wadden Sea. A seashell lies gently shimmering in the dark sand of the mudflats. Perfectly constructed by nature, enduring the tides and washed up by the waves – to be found by you. Glittering in the dark, the light breaks in the heart of a shining diamond. Let the sunny yellow of gold warm your soul.

The stud earrings are made of 925 sterling silver with a 24ct gold plating and are approx. 4.3 mm long. They have a contrasting blackened surface that is reminiscent of the dark sand of the Wadden Sea. In it lie sparkling diamonds (together 0,02ct tw/vs). Our gold plating is particularly strong and durable with 6 μm. You can also find this pair of stud earrings in our shop in a puristic variant, with half-pearls and in pure silver.

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