Tides & Seashells Stud Earrings · Sterling Silver with Diamonds


Pair of stud earrings from the collection Tides & Seashells in 925 sterling silver with high-quality diamonds.

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The stud earrings from the collection Tides & Seashells are inspired by a walk in the Wadden Sea. A seashell lies gently shimmering in the dark sand of the mudflats. Perfectly constructed by nature, enduring the tides and washed up by the waves – to be found by you. Glittering in the dark, the light breaks in the heart of a shining diamond.

The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and are approx. 4.3 cm long. They have contrasting blackened surfaces reminiscent of the dark sand of the Wadden Sea, and within them lie sparkling diamonds in total 0.02ct tw/vs. You can also find this pair of stud earrings in our shop in a puristic variant, with half-pearls and gold-plated.

We deliver your piece of jewellery in a luxurious jewellery box. We cushion each item sustainably and avoiding plastic with dried seaweed from the Baltic Sea.