NOORDLEEV Anchor chain pendant

Sea is more!

Jewellery can be so much more than simply decorative. With statement jewellery we express our style, our personality and our individuality.

Statement jewellery we call particularly eye-catching pieces of jewellery, which often immediately catch the eye due to their size, but sometimes also due to an unusual style, and which significantly dominate the appearance of the wearer. The name says it all: with statement jewellery we make a statement, but some also make an announcement! With jewellery we can make a statement, be loud without words and make a grand entrance without a stage.

For NOORDLEEV Jewellery, this naturally means in the design: Sea is more! Our maritime statement pieces pick up on unusual motifs around the sea: the rusty anchor chain in the harbour, the bladderwrack washed up on the beach by the storm, the flint stones shining in the spray. With our individual necklaces, you can show your love for the North Sea and the Baltic Sea – even the inconspicuous details that bring out the rough, wild beauty of the sea.