Size Guide

How to find your ring size:

Either you measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you well and which should be as wide as your desired ring, or you measure the circumference of your finger. The easiest way to do this is to wrap a strip of paper around the place on your finger where you want to wear the ring, make a mark, and then measure the length.

Ring sizeInside diameterFinger circumference
4915,6 mm49 mm
5015,9 mm50 mm
5116,2 mm51 mm
5216,5 mm52 mm
5316,8 mm53 mm
5417,2 mm54 mm
5517,5 mm55 mm
5617,8 mm56 mm
5718,1 mm57 mm
5818,4 mm58 mm
5918,8 mm59 mm
6019,1 mm60 mm

You can also download and print out our ring size template (PDF). Then you can put a matching ring on the circles of the template and when the inner diameter matches the circle, you have found your size. With this method, please make sure to print out the template without scaling.

Please note that the fingers of the right and left hand are of different thickness for many people, so measure on the finger on which you want to wear the ring. In addition, the finger circumference fluctuates during the day and depending on temperature and activities. It is best to measure several times a day to determine an average.

In addition, wide rings are tighter than narrow rings.