We believe in quality II

NOORDLEEV® jewellery is fine jewellery ‘Made in Germany’. We process high-quality 925 sterling silver and plate with 24-carat gold. But what exactly does that mean? This part is about what plating is and why we think Germany is so important as a place of manufacture.

Gold plated vs. gold layered

You may have noticed that when we refer to our jewellery with a gold surface, we are talking about gold plating and not gold layering. When gilding, usually only a very thin layer of gold is applied, which is removed after a short time by friction. The thickness of the gold layer is often only 0.1 to 0.2 micrometers (μm), in rare cases up to a maximum of 1 micrometer (μm).

In contrast, with the plating from NOORDLEEV, a much thicker layer of gold is applied. With us you will find a layer thickness of 10 μm for rings, necklaces and bracelet pendants as well as chains with 8 μm and earrings with 6 μm gold plating. So you can wear your NOORDLEEV jewellery every day with complete peace of mind, because the strong gold layer is particularly durable.

Craft ‘Made in Germany’

Last but not least, quality also arises from the cooperation of committed experts at eye level. NOORDLEEV jewellery is made in close cooperation between our goldsmith and others Foundries, electroplaters, engravers and gemstone setters are made in Germany, whereby we specifically prefer small companies. In this way, we ensure fair remuneration for all those involved in jewellery production in compliance with German social standards. Anyone who buys NOORDLEEV jewellery is also promoting the German economy and small craft businesses that still work with love and passion.

We hope that with this article we were able to bring our quality standards closer to you. The use of fine gold, the particularly thick gold plating and the resulting greater material consumption in favour of an exceptionally long-lasting gold layer and the cooperation with German specialist companies naturally come at a price. In addition, there is our attention to detail: the time we invest in the design and precise work. We move with the times and offer our jewellery online, but that does not change our claim as a master goldsmith and manufacturer of maritime jewellery to provide high-quality craftsmanship.

We firmly believe that you, our customers, recognise and appreciate the added value – and believe in quality just as we do!