NOORDLEEV Silver ring with seagrass wrapping

We package with seagrass

Plastic waste is a major problem for the environment and the oceans. Fortunately, the sea itself provides a solution when it comes to avoiding plastic chips & co! When we pack your order, we cushion your jewellery with a very special material:

Seegrass · Zostera marina

A flowering plant that grows underwater on the seashores.

Our seagrass comes from the Baltic Sea and is an untreated natural product with a long tradition in the north. It is used as an insulating material in house construction, but also for padding mattresses and pillows. Seagrass cushions are considered an insider tip among allergy sufferers. It does not mould, regulates moisture and is avoided by vermin.

To dispose of the seagrass, simply put it in the compost, as it contains many nutrients for the soil. Or even better: collect the seagrass from your orders at NOORDLEEV and sew yourself a cushion as soon as you have enough upholstery material. The light scent of sea breeze will give you fresh dreams!

NOORDLEEV Jewellery box in seagrass